So what does everyone say about me?

You can see a lot of reviews on skype shows and custom videos I have made over the years here and here. But some people have also chosen to write in reviews to be published right on my website. Here they are:

I contacted Dani in relation to a JOI custom video clip and am so glad I did.  I found her to be very professional, friendly and quick to reply to my queries.  In fact, from the time of my first email, it took approximately 36 hours for Dani to arrange, film and deliver my clip, which is an astonishingly fast service.  Even more impressively, the speed of the delivery had no effect on the quality of the clip, as it was absolutely incredible and super sexy.  Dani followed my scenario perfectly, and performed it just as I’d requested.  She really captured the mood I was looking for and intuitively knew how to make the most of my request.

Dani is such an enthusiastic and energetic performer, and you can tell she wants to provide maximum satisfaction.  She is beautiful, sexy, with an incredible figure, perfect breasts and the shapeliest pair of legs you can imagine.
I would recommend Dani without hesitation if you have any personal fantasies you want brought to life.  She will blow you away!  I will definitely be requesting more clips in the future from this very sexy lady. – R

dani im a little thrilled out,i want to thank you once again for the pleassure you gave me with all these videos..!thanks you also for some other reason,for your logical rates,cause other models less more less prettier than you asked me in the past unbelievable rates that only a rich guy can touch them.youre totally the best,thanks again,always be happy.!dani im a little thrilled out,i want to thank you once again for the pleassure you gave me with all these videos..!thanks you also for some other reason,for your logical rates,cause other models less more less prettier than you asked me in the past unbelievable rates that only a rich guy can touch them.youre totally the best,thanks again,always be happy.!  
– Nikos 

Far too many professionals who should be doing a way better job end up in positions where they get away with shortcuts, ridiculous choices, and being lazy. I have worked on so many projects as an editor and assistant editor over the past eleven years where stuff arrived to editorial offices in a way someone who has no idea what they are doing could be forgiven once for such inconsistency and lack of professionalism, but nope instead the thought was “let post production figure it out, let’s fix it in post”. Which anyone who has even a little editing experience knows is a terrible mindset. Fixing things in post becomes expensive very quickly, misdirection and hiding are more common strategies despite still costing more due to being time consuming to be not noticeable.
So take it from someone who helps edit television shows and other projects for a living; you and whoever might help throughout your preproduction, production, and post production process is doing a better job than a shocking number of professionals.
Thank you for your hard work and dedication to creating well put together content that is also very enjoyable. – BR

I just received the Custom Video that Dani made for me after months of planning. It turned out amazing, every detail perfect and beyond my wildest expectations. My fantasy came true!! She is truly a wonderfully smart and lovely lady, beautiful beyond dreams. Dani is so honest, personable and tons of fun. Her smile is addictive. Having her do a Custom Video is a must do experience that you will not regret.. – Kevin

One of Ms. Picas’s greatest strengths is her acting ability. I asked an oddly specific scenario of her and she made it feel completely natural. She is convincing and reacts to situations in her realistic, down-to-earth manner, even if those situations aren’t “normal.” That is the core of fetish videomaking, and she’s got it completely. She’s also simply charming– no statement I could make would sell her allure as effectively as a flash of her smile. – ND

I was recently told of a couple who vacationed all over the world until they went to Italy; now they go every year. The explanation they gave was, directly, “why would we go anywhere else?” I feel this way about Ms. Picas’s work– why would I go anywhere else? – J.L

Dani is the best she cant be beaten her beauty is unsurpassed, her quality of videos, the effort she puts in, her quickness in replying to messages and delivering the product boy does she deliver always better than my expectations and my expectations are high because of Dani, do yourself a favor and get something from Dani you’ll never be disappointed, you’ll only be disappointed by other girls who say they can but cant produce even half the quality of anything you get from Dani and like me you’ll continue to come back to DaniPicas. Simply superb once again thanks Dani your an absolute pleasure. – CeiEric

I just received my custom video from Dani, and it’s spectacular. Her communication is professional and she was very accommodating to my requests. It’s great seeing some of my fantasies come to life. She told me in advance when she could deliver it (within days), and kept her word. Very professional, very talented. If you need a custom video made, she’s your girl. Thank you, Dani. – Joe F.

Simply amazing, Dani will be known as the best cam model ever. I can’t stress highly enough to get a custom video from Dani before she is too famous and no longer deals with little people like us. Every video she has made for me has exceeded my expectations she is always quick to respond and delivers on time every time usually early she is glamorous professional and a absolute pleasure highly highly recommend if you don’t get a custom buy one of her download now videos she never disappoints thanks for my latest video Dani i can’t wait for the next one.  – Ceieric

Dani is quiet possibly the most professional cam model I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Her work is professional and done in a timely manner.  I recently ordered a video with some very specific things that would make one hell of a mess.  The price she quoted for the video seemed high at first, but quite honestly it was the most professional video I have ever seen from any cam model.  The video was HD, the sound was excellent, the acting was superb, and she followed my instructions for what I wanted in the video to the letter.  I am definitely going to purchase more videos from this extremely talented young lady.

So if you want some half assed playtime with a woman who doesn’t really care about making your wishes come true then please go with another model.  But if you want the best cam experience you will most likely ever have then ask Dani to make a video for you.. – PW

I have had Dani work on a number of custom jobs over the last year and I couldn’t be happier. Be it videos, pic sets, etc, she always works quickly and with the utmost professionalism. Her attention to detail is unmatched among anyone I have worked with. I have a number of subtle quirks and kinks that she has openly accepted and incorporated brilliantly into the pieces. It is apparent through her work that she enjoys fulfilling fantasies and she is phenomenal at it. When an idea pops into my mind for something that I would like to see, there is one model that I choose to bring it to life – Dani. – JP

Great effort from Dani here, she really took herself to the limit for this one. Don’t think I’ve ever seen her this desperate for a video before and she has to really focus not to flood the place during foreplay and undressing.. and Alex is even a little cruel and feels around Dani’s bladder a few times! She loses control shortly after trying to have sex, I think the first time I’ve ever seen Dani completely lose control and unable to stop. I’m sure she really wanted to hold it longer, but she just couldn’t despite her best effort. This is always the risk with genuine desperation challenges, unpredictable and they don’t always work as planned. Top marks for effort though and easily a class above most of the desperation videos around. So many seemingly faked videos nowadays but Dani is the real deal. -P.F

There’s a lot to say about Dani. Phenomenal service makes her stand out from the crowd. I worked with Dani on a custom job. There was some miscommunication and I was unhappy with the final results. When I told her what was wrong she fixed the problem. No questions, no arguments. My satisfaction was her goal. All the work and rework was done very quickly. She’s easy to work with and very down to earth and genuine. Unlike a lot of models, she never does things half ass and you can see in her work she loves what she does. She’s a pleasure to work with. I have even purchased some of her pre-made stuff and have never been let down. Can’t recommend her enough. –J.N.

I booked a pre-paid Skype show and I was spoiled. So filthy, so innocent looking, and fulfilled my dirtiest thoughts. She is charming and engaging and I cannot recommend her enough. – A.C.F.

I recently did a Skype show with Dani and I have to say it was the best show I had seen in ages. She is really good looking and attractive. She was really friendly and soo easy to talk to. I am really wanting to do another show with her soon. Anyone thinking about doing a Skype show then I would highly recommend it and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. If anything you will be wanting another.   – Bob Tyler 

I am so happy with Dani! She really understands what her customers want and delivers it consistently. She gets more amazing with each video she makes for me! I highly recommend her! -Skjava 

Words cannot describe how hot this video is! Dani is amazing in every way. She goes out of her way to make sure your video is done right. I will be buying PLENTY more videos from her. Also she is just smoking hot!!! – Ryanstark1986

(requesting the clip) Dani was very friendly and answered every questionreasonably priced, paying was easy (after viewing the clip) action starts immediately no time is wasted, 9 straight minutes of what i ask forfollowed the script perfectly. thank you Dani & Luna – L P 

Very very charming and cute woman you make videos of very good quality and all the fantasies come true and I take pleasure in watching your friends his charming – Christophe

Dani has done multiple balloon fetish videos for me. she always makes them exactly how i ask and then some. they are all totally amazing. she defiantly knows how to make a great balloon video. and she defiantly knows how to look hot while she does it, she is not afraid to show skin or put her body in harms way to make a video. if you like popping she really knows how to sit on balloons with that amazing ass and make them explode. she is a pro and makes me almost feel sorry for the poor balloons. amazing videos that keep me coming back, thank you so much. – D D 

I’ve been getting videos from Dani for about a year now. I have really specific/unusual requests and Dani is always happy to furfil them and really tries hard to get the details right, whichcmades really sexy clips. One of the main reasons I love getting videos is how quickly she always responds to emails or asks questions about it and I love how really quickly she makes edits and sends you the videos. – Sasnofear 

I still to this day have not gotten, nor seen a better 100% buttfucking video then the first custom that you made for me. I am still amazed at how nice and firm you ass and body looked as your lucky man pumped and smashed so deep and powerfully up your butt. Driving you flat into the bed so he could grind away at that sweet round booty. Best Belly Down Ass Riding EVER! I still blow massive loads every time I watch and hear it;) – buttguy