Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I pay you?

I prefer you to pay on GetIndieBill. But if for some reason that doesn’t work for you I do accept other options. Here they are listed in order of preference. *please keep in mind this MAY change so please message me before using a different payment than what we have discussed.
Skyprivate (only for skype shows, per minute only)

Do you accept paypal bb?

No. And if you like your paypal account and the funds you have in it, you shouldn’t be using it for adult content ever. If they find out you are using it for adult content your account will be frozen and your funds taken.

Where can I see you live?

In a skype show! 

Where can I buy your clips?

Click here for information on buying all my hot, amateur porn clips.

Where are you from?


When is your birthday?

The 23rd of August, 1994.

So, are you a porn star?!
In my own little videos yep! You can direct them and I will make them and send them over to you! Click here for more information or maybe try one of my premade amateur porn videos.

Can I star in a video with you? Please?
A picture of you can if you want a dick rating! But no, I don’t film with just anyone.

Can we just chat and get to know eachother?

We sure can! These are the only ways to do so: skype or sexting.

Can I show you my dick?
In a skype show, or sexting session, or even on my PREMIUM snapchat you can! Maybe you want a dick rating? Then have a look here.

How can I be your favorite?
This video has all the instructions you need if you are a sub. And if you aren’t, it’s still a good idea to buy it! But you can also start by spoiling me or asking me personally in your next skype or sexting session.